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Punching Mesh
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Punching Mesh

Punching Mesh

Usage Protection for Engine or Machinery, Filter, Sorting, Sewer Lid, Floor
Materials Stainless Steel, Iron Steel
Product demonstration


Circular Model

generally used for Protection Nets of Engine & Machinery, Filters, Mineral Crusher,  Interior and Sorting of Product mainly.


Clover Model

Looks beautiful due to array of clover and circle together, therefore this model is mainly used for the protection nets of engines & machinery.


Square Model

Used mainly for ore crusher, protection nets of filter, protection nets of precise machinery for larger opening than circular model


Long Circular Model_1

It is generally used for sorting of grain and industrial materials, it is also used widely for high quality interior and protection nets of precise machinery.


Long Circular Model_2

Used for protection nets of precise machinery and drain lid such as sewer lid depending on the size of the opening and the pitch.


Chevron Model

It can be manufactured in zigzag and parallel shapes, mainly used for sorting screens.


Wind Hall Model

Used for covers of various machinery, and also used for electrical distribution panel for air ventilation but prevents flowing rainwater from getting in.


Embossing Plate Model

Holes allow rain or oil to flow in, but embossing holes don’t.
For this reason, embossing is used for inspection paths or parking lot floor.


Checked Plate Model

Used for floor of the special purpose vehicle and inspection paths because it is manufactured with checkered embossing only, no punching on the surface.

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