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Wire Mesh
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Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

Usage Various framework, Safety net, Pet cage, Interior net, Fence
Materials Iron, Zinc, Stainless
Product demonstration

Wire Mesh
Welding is made with thick wires over than 2.5mm of diameters by orders.
 “Powder coating” and “Hot dip galvanizing” is available as after treatment.

- Regular Wire Mesh

Array iron wires in a rectangular way to perform electric resistance welding on the crossing of the wires to get lattice patterns, the wire thicker than 2.5mm of diameter is necessary so that the crossing part can be welded.
Iron, Zinc and Stainless wires are widely used and there is powder coating and hot dip galvanizing as after treatment
Used widely for various Frameworks, Safety nets, Pet cage, Interior meshes and Fences.

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