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줄줄이 기본형  
※ 줄석쇠 줄줄이 기본형   2017년 신제품   ▶ 330파이(알루미늄프레임, 스테인레스줄) ▶ 295파이(알루미늄프레임, 스테인레스줄) ▶ 350사각(알루미늄프레임, 스테인레스줄) ▶ 320사각(알루미늄프레임, 스테인레스줄)  

Woven Wire Mesh


Crimp Mesh


Welding Wire Mesh

  Woven Wire Mesh   Crimp Mesh   Welding Wire Mesh  
  “Woven Wire Mesh” is the general mesh, used in sorting and separation process mainly. “Plain Weave”, “Twilled Weave, “Plain Dutch Weave” and “Twilled Dutch Weave” is…  >> MORE   “Crimp Wire Mesh” is made from various wrinkled materials through a crimping mesh loom, a kind of general wire mesh production with square or rectangular openings...  >> MORE   “Welded wire mesh” is widely used in Industry, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Construction, Transportation, Mining and so on for machine protective covers, animal housing...  >> MORE  



Miracle Mesh


Metal Lath

  Demister   Miracle Mesh   Metal Mesh  
  “Demister” is known as mist eliminators or filtering device. This is a kind of high efficiency separation device, used throughout all kinds of filtering...  >> MORE   “Miracle Mesh” is a lightweight and high performance structural net. Not corrosive, Harmless, good weather resistance, with various color choices and...  >> MORE   “Expanded Metal Mesh” is widely used for the floor, stairs, conveyor walkways, sump lid. Lightweight, solid, safe working and good for anti-slip ...  >> MORE  
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